Is It Good to Use Sunscreen for Pregnant Women

Protecting yourself from the sun’s light and harmful rays is especially important during the pregnancy time, when you skin tends to be more sensitive that the usual skin. Actually, the finest form of the sunscreen protection is the prevention and stay inside your home or some safe place between 10 AM to 2PM. When the sun is at its strongest and when you are outside area be sure that you take necessary precautions including applying the sunscreen lotions and creams on your skin and body area. Look for the broad spectrum sunscreen that offers a protection against the UVB and UVA rays so make sure that they also provide the sun protection factor ideally of 360 or of higher.

The sunscreen products which has active ingredients like titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide also called as the physical or mineral sunscreens are found to be pregnancy sunscreen choices for the pregnant women as they are hypoallergenic and sits on your skin. So while buying the pregnancy sunscreen just check whether the product is labeled as water resistant because the sunscreen will not be absorbed or rubbed away in water. It is very important to remember the ingredients of the sunscreen products in which it is made up of and if you unsure about it then just avoid the sunscreen product for safe during your pregnancy time period. Also don’t use the sunscreen products that are made with the insect repellent, where it is less effective and when you are in the need of a repellent then just buy it separately and just apply it after putting the sunscreen.

Is It Good to Use Sunscreen for Pregnant Women

Why using the sunscreen very important during pregnancy?

The usage of the sunscreen during pregnancy not only will protect you from the skin cancer but the sunscreen will also shield your skin from the discoloration and other kinds of pregnancy related condition that exacerbated the sun exposure. When you are pregnant your skin tends to become more sensitive than ever before so there is chance of getting the hyper pigmentation (patches, lines, blotches and dots) and melasma where these can vary in color from reddish purple brown, gravy or blue are more of a possibility can become more pronounced when you are exposed to the sun. While pregnancy can requires the extra precautions when it comes to the sun exposure where this does not mean that you cannot spend any time in outdoors.

All the women will enjoy going in the sun with the natural ingredients in fact for getting the vitamin D dose from the sun. Where this vitamin D is essential one for the pregnant women and that helps your growing baby, since the baby receives all of its vitamin D directly from its mother. Getting the sunlight increases the proper immune function and absorption of phosphorus and calcium which is not a bad thing.

But however it is recommended not to be at sun exposure for longer period of time where it adversely affects your baby’s health and well being. So in order to get the result and protective shield from sunrays it is advised to use the best pregnancy sunscreen for protecting you from the harmful sunrays. While wearing the protective sunscreen clothing and avoiding the over exposure to the sun will certainly help the sunscreen to remain longer period of time.

Sun safety tips for the pregnant women

If you are planning to be outdoor or outside for longer period of time in sun during your pregnancy then just you need to protect your body from sun just by taking the following steps.

  • Try to stay inside your house or some other place during the peak sun hours from 10AM to 2PM as much as possible.
  • Just try to stay in the shaded area whenever possible you are in outside especially when the sun is very hot.
  • At this time just apply the sunscreen at least 15 minutes in your body before you go outside and also reapply the sunscreen every two hours.
  • Use the sunscreen about 1 ounce and thoroughly spread over all the exposed skin to protect your body from sun.
  • Try to cover your skin as much as possible just by choosing the light clothing in cotton or with another breathable fabric preferably in the tight weave.
  • Don’t forget to wear wide sunglasses and brimmed hat, ideally ones that block the 99% of both UVB and UVA rays.

Remember that you can definitely don’t have to stay inside your home or shaded area just because you are pregnant, hence you need to protect your body and for getting affected from the sunrays.

Importance of using sunscreen by pregnant women

Is your bottle of sunscreen is hidden in the back of the closet, jumbled among the towels and swimsuits only to be unearthed for the beach days. If so then it is time to bring it out into the light. The sunscreen is an effective protective agent against the damage from the sun’s harmful rays for all age group people, skin types and genders. Regular use of the sunscreen lotions lessens the chance of developing the skin cancer in the adulthood in which when you use the best pregnancy sunscreen then it is even more powerful one when combined with the other methods of the sun protection.

The sunscreen keeps the skin of the pregnancy women healthier in other ways as well where it also protects your sensitive skin against the sunburn in turn it also reduces the appearance of the dark spots, leathery skin, wrinkles, sagging or discolorations. These sunscreen protections help your skin to maintain more skin tone in overall body just by increasing your tone of your skin. There are number of sunscreen protective brands are available in the market in which you need to consider the ingredients in which these sunscreen is made from for getting the best result. So always buy best pregnancy sunscreen for getting the best outcome and for protecting your body skin from damage of the sun rays.