Things to Get for Father’s Day 2020

Are you finding the best idea for father’s day for your father? If yes! Then it would help if you went through this article as it provides you with various insights for that. As you all know that fathers are the most critical and lovable member of every family and give their best to make other family members happy and tension free. Father’s day is that day which comes once in a year, and on this day only, other family members can make him feel happy by giving best gifts that they can’t provide regularly. For fathers, if you are thinking of the best gift than that must be a first father’s day shirts, as we all know that most of the fathers love to wear shirts and it could be the best gift for them on father’s day. Apart from this, there are other so many gifts that you can give your fathers on father’s day.

Unique gifts for fathers

Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

This is the mask which is used when someone wants to sleep without any disturbance with any light coming to their eyes as light can disturb you from sleeping and can make you feel irritating. It is best for the man who becomes a new dad who gets up at late nights and at that moment a man can put this mast on their eyes and can get asleep on different places as they don’t find any disturbance with the help of this except baby cry. 

Anti-Static Record Sleeves

As these sleeves help you to keep your arms safe from the sun rays and helps to keep them clean without any tanning as fathers in every house works on daily basis and have to roam in hard sun rays which can lead to damage to their arms so these sleeves can help them form keeping their arms safe and clean without any tan or loss. These sleeves help to keep their vinyl in tip-top shape. 

Quick Wipes

These wipes help to keep one’s shoes clean and new, and all the fathers in different families always wear a pair of shoes, so to keep those pair of shoes clean and clear than they should use these wipes as it helps to keep the boots like new ones and make them look fresh and damage-free. It is the best give for father’s day to make your dad happy. 

Portable Charger

These chargers are the charger which are also known as power banks that helps you to charge your mobile phones at any time at anywhere without any switch as these chargers are the battery pack that contains a lot of o battery inside them and they needs to get charge at once and can charge minimum 2 to 3 phones at once. It is the best gift for the fathers as they don’t get enough time in their busy schedule that they can charge their phone, but this charger can help them a lot in doing so. 

Golf Ankle Socks

Socks are the need for every person as most people love to wear socks with their shoes as it helps to move correctly without any slip and also helps in reducing the smell when you wear shoes without socks. Socks make one’s appearance look good as it helps to keep people away from the disgusting smell and keep your feet clean.

The above points are some of the ideas of gifts for you to give your fathers on a father’s day as it helps to make your dad happy and be proud that they have such a caring and brilliant child like you and makes them feel top of the world. People find it difficult in finding the best gifts for their fathers but apart from this another best gift can be a first father’s day shirts that can make your father looks excellent and stylish.  

Importance of fathers in a family 

Fathers are the most important person in a family, and it makes the family feel proud and happy. As fathers help in the significant growth of a child by making them emotionally fit and fine and create different aspects of their life. An Involved father has to play multiple roles in shaping their child’s proper development which is related to make their child responsible like them, makes them helpful and many more critical factors that a father needs to teach their kids. He is caring, sensitive, and supportive when their child is in need. Fathers are the person in a family that makes their child active and teach them how to deal in a difficult situation with a happy looking face. 

Fathers help their child to make good bonds with others and set their bars of good relationship in their life. He has to take care of their children as equal whether he is having a boy or a girl child, he has to keep them equal without nay partiality, and most girls are more attached to their fathers as compared to the boys as little girls find their dads as the top superhero of their times and wants to get a future person like their dads. Mostly girls are more confused about their dad’s gift on father’s day, and for them, I suggest that first father’s day shirts are the best gift for their fathers from their girls child and dads feel so happy when any of their children give them a present that makes their day and makes them feel proud and happy. 


According to the points mentioned above you can understand the importance of love in a father’s life there is no need to give presents and make them feel happy, father automatically gets happy when you make them feel as a most important person of your life. It doesn’t mean that you’ll not buy any gift for your dad, but your father gets happy when they know how important they are in your life. So fathers are the most critical person of each and every family. 

Beware of Dandruff Because It Causes Hair Loss

Dandruff is something we all need to talk about at least once in life. It causes us to itch and scratch for random reasons. Turns our hair into a yellow or white mess. Takes pieces of our hair out if we scratch too much. Convince some people that we don’t wash our hair. A nightmare none the less, dandruff is something you need to get rid of. Luckily, there is hygiene technology that can make it go away. Using the best herbal shampoo for hair loss and dandruff is one way. You want to know more? Look below to see my other ways.

Use Medicated Shampoo

When you have dandruff, you can’t just rely on regular shampoo. No, that is not the way. You must rely on medicated shampoo. Try buying the best herbal shampoo for hair loss and dandruff if you can. Medicated shampoo washes your hair and scalp more thoroughly. Going in deep and removing all dirt from it. This is not going to happen over night. A person should use this type of shampoo for weeks. Keep using it until the dandruff in your head is all the way gone. Afterwards, the dandruff should be gone for good. Although, it can come back and when it does use the medicated shampoo again. There is no such thing as perfect but you can even the odds.

Avoid Irritating Hair Products

Certain hair products cause your skin to irritate. Hair dye, bleach, detergents, and artificial fragrances tend to make your hair more itchy. This makes the no scratching hair for too long rule hard to follow. You get? Not everyone notices the reactions from these products. It takes longer for some to feel them. Change your routine if you use these products to wash your hair. The dandruff will only get worse if you continue to use them.

Manage Your Day to Day Stress

Probably never heard this, reduce stress to make your dandruff go away. Stress is sneaky because it causes things you don’t realize easily. One thing it causes is a weaker immune system. You need your stress to be managed daily. Do things to make it less of a problem. Try not to think of certain things. Try not to smoke in early hours of the day to make you less paranoid about your surroundings. Avoid people who cause you more emotional pain then needed. In time, your immune system will go up and you will have less dandruff.

Stress is also a problem in deciding how to take care of your hair. When you are stressed, you tend to make the wrong decisions. Try to but things when your mind is clear and stress free. Then, you will be able to buy the products you really need and not feel guilty about it.

Keeping it cool

Toddlers. They’ve been compared to lots of things: drunken friends, old people, pets and plenty more. They have little to know control of their impulses, are generally clumsy, have a great deal of problem concentrating and don’t always hear/listen to you when you give them simple requests. It can make life frustrating. I thought I’d share some of the things I do to try and keep my cool with The Lad through the days I’m in charge of him. At least I can share some stories with the rest of you that might show you that we all have our moments.

First off:

I have yelled at my son. My reasons are many and varied: he’s about to touch the hot oven, he’s about to eat something he really shouldn’t be putting in his mouth, his rough and tumble play has hit me in me bits or he’s bout to throw a shoe in the general direction of his sister (he actually did this the other day). Sometimes it’s just out of exasperation. Having finally cleaned down the high chair, or having finally settled/changed the baby I find The Lad trying to build sand castles out of cat litter in the bathroom. So, I yell. I don’t do it often, I don’t do it too loudly and I never mean to, but I do. Feels good to get that off my chest.

Second off:

I am many many miles from perfect. I often ignore my own advice. It’s also worth noting that whatever The Lad’s gotten his hands on or gotten himself into it takes a special kind of adult to leave it out for him to pick up and/or throw around. That special adult is usually me…. I wish I was more organised and less absent-minded sometimes, but I am not. My sleep is usually interrupted, this might have something to do with it….

So, when it all goes down how does The Dadinator cope? Sometimes he doesn’t, but he tries his best. Sometimes he starts to talk about himself in the third person. And then he stops. Here are some of what I do and why I do it:

1.) The problem is the behaviour not the child

This comes from some of the stuff I learned while doing teaching. Saying “You’re bad” or “You’re naughty” is useless, instead focus on the behaviour not the child, and tell them what you want them to do. In a situation with a toddler they won’t necessarily understand you, but that’s not their fault. The behaviour is probably not their fault, they don’t know their head from their bums most of the time.

Sure I get sick of saying “Food is for eating, not throwing”. I get sick of saying “We don’t throw shoes”. I get sick of saying “Give me that now thank you!”. But I do it. I try to be persistent and persevere, and we get there. Well I think we do.

2.) Keep your cool

I confessed that I have yelled at The Lad over the years. It never feels good, and it never achieves anything much. In fact, when you yell at a kid, you just stress them out. Interesting when you go into a ‘stress response’ in your brain, the hippocampus (short term memory centre) shuts down. That stops the kid remembering much of what happens, and it certainly stops them from learning anything out of the situation. It’s best avoided. Although we all slip up. Kid’s also learn from the example you set more than from the words you say, so keep that in mind.

3.) Don’t talk at a child that isn’t even looking at you.

I’ve caught myself doing this. I realised that if I say “Put that down” and The Lad isn’t even looking at me. Funnily enough he doesn’t do what I ask. Take a second to get the kids attention before you tell them to do something. It saves you time and effort, plus it also ensures your message actually gets through.

4.) Get the child to help fix the situation

The Mamanator is much better at this than me… If a child throws something on the ground, get them to pick it up. If they spill water, get them to help mop it up. I sometimes just want to shortcut this process and do it myself. Even at my level of domestic ineptitude I can clean up a spilled puddle of water, or gather up sultanas faster than The Lad can at the tender age of 2. I am working on it though, and The Lad frequently impresses me with his ability to help. Sure things take a little longer, but It’s worth the wait.

5.) Don’t hold a grudge

Kids will make mistakes, test boundaries and form annoying habits. It’s their nature. It isn’t personal, don’t take it as such. Do your utmost to move on. I guarantee the little one will do so very very fast.

6.) Catch your breath

We’re trying to encourage The Lad to breath deeply when he’s worked up. We do this by holding him close and taking deep breaths, he picks up the rhythm and joins in. Sometimes I need to take some deep breaths myself before going in to talk to him about how his food doesn’t go on the floor. It is one of the most basic ways of lowering your heart rate and calming yourself down. So take the chance to do so, it does make a difference.

So, I hope there’s some help in there, as I mentioned I don’t always follow my own advice, but I do my best. I’m sure you all do to.



So I was talking to the Lad as I changed his nappy today. What? Some of our best conversations take place on the change table. Anyway I was telling him that this is one of the few phases in his life where he is going to get this kind of service, as I wiped him clean. If he was ever going to get it again, I imagined it would likely be when he was very old, and I probably wouldn’t be there to do it for him anymore. I would most probably be dead.

Then I had to stop for a moment not only because I had to take the liner from the nappy over to the toilet to flush away, but also because the reality of the sentence I just said so flippantly hit me like a falling cartoon piano. I had temporarily stunned myself into silence.


Mortality is a touchy subject for us mortals. I find it interesting that parents are supposed to fret over ”the conversation” (in BIG inverted commas), that one about where babies come from and sex and all that. Sitcoms tell us it’s hard, and that it’s one of the scariest moments in parenting so it must be true. Right?.

Personally I’m fine with that conversation. That’s a biological process which can be explained with metaphor or a nice allegory if needs be. Alternatively you can stick to the facts and talk about sperm and eggs and all that. It doesn’t worry me all that much, whatever floats your boat. I know how it works.

What scares the pants of me is the conversation about the other end of existence. What happens when we die? Now that’s some scary s***. Its a also something where my beliefs are not likely to be, shall we say, comforting to a toddler. It also sits uneasily with me because I don’t know what happens, and to pretend otherwise feels inauthentic while saying “some people believe blah…. Others believe bleh….” Sounds like a whussy copout that won’t sate the young ones thirst for knowledge at all.

Maybe I just think too much… It remains very likely that all my thinking will come to nought when its time to actually talk about it. Its also likely that we’ll have this conversation briefly and The Lad will simply nod and say “alright Daddy.” And move on without giving it any more thought, impervious to the existentialist crises that plague us older folk. And i’ll be left to contemplate the limits in my own existence, and the fact that my days are numbered.