I know you are dazzled by my graceful and elegant way with words. Or at least you find the stuff I write funny/insightful/readable/otherwise good.

I am available for writing assignments including but not limited to:

Product reviews

Sponsored posts

Guest posts


Basically I’ll consider pretty much any opportunity to write! If you would like more information, or want to send me details of a project I can help you with please contact me.

If you wish to re-publish a post I have written I am happy to discuss it with you. My posts have featured on Mamamia and The Good Men Project (so far). Please contact me to discuss and I’ll most likely say yes!

If you want to write a guest post on The Dadinator you can also email me and I shall be in touch.

You can reach me onĀ admin(at)dadinating(dot)com and I shall get in touch with you. Or simply fill in something on my Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you.