Dear Reader,

From time to time I may produce “sponsored content” on this site. This means that I have been contacted by a brand and they have paid me to write a blog post on an issue in which I will recommend or link back to a product or service on the site. If I am writing a sponsored post I will ALWAYS let you know at the start of the article, that’s a promise.

While the content may be sponsored and I may have received payment to do it the opinions expressed are still the product of my own mind and remain my own.  I will only work with brands that fit with the spirit of the site and with my own personal values.

Other types of posts you may see from time to time include product reviews and/or giveaways. When engaged to do a review I may have received the item at no cost, but the review will remain an honest reflection of my experience and I will only make a recommendation for something I like. If I am hosting a giveaway it will only be for a product I know and that I like. Where possible I will have used the product, but will state where I have not.


Dear Brands/Agencies,

Yes I am happy to discuss collaborations with you. Please contact me to start the conversation, I will look at all proposals on a case-by-case basis.


So that’s the go. If you have any questions I you can always drop me a line at my contact page, or even on Facebook, twitter and all that.