My son is swinging from the monkey bars, trying to skip bars because that’s important for him. He’s counting in Chinese to himself.

He drops off before he runs up to tell me that he thinks that the Clone Troopers from Star Wars probably became Storm Troopers.

A Lego model of the Saturn Rockets. The ones that went to the moon….

Tonight he asked “What’s light made of?.
“Photons” I replied, hoping he wouldn’t go too much deeper.
“What do they look like?”
“A wave packet. They’re super small.”
“Kind of like a squid vampire?”
“Yeah. sure son”.

The questions are coming in earnest.

“Dad, what’s ridiculous mean?”
“Dad, how far away are the stars?”
“Dad what’s that word say?”
“Dad, can I have your phone when you die?”*

Our son’s brain is expanding its horizons by fathoms every day. He’s 5 and a term into his school life. The other night I felt the urge to remind him that we used to bathe him in the basin.

“Dad, what’s a basin”
“This is” I replied as I pointed to the basin in the bathroom.
“Oh, you mean the sink?”
“Yes, a basin is a fancy sink”.

I think he bought that explanation. I may have talked about the laundry and kitchen sink and how they were made of metal and more square, while the rounded bathroom basin was ceramic.

He didn’t ask what ceramic was….

Jamming on dad’s trombone because, why not?

Change seems to have gained pace in the past 9 weeks .He is exhausted, often reluctant to share his day and always asking a million questions a minute. He’s sharing some of his knowledge of Chinese. He’s practising his violin each day. He’s reading to me. ACTUALLY READING.

He’s got little obsessions. Star Wars is one. Transformers is another. These are all fields in which I have some limited expertise, so we can chat about Optimus Prime and Luke Skywalker easily.

Then he’ll ask me about Gilgamesh. He’s into Ancient Mesopotamia, you see, entirely because of this song (be warned, it’s an earworm)

Of course he couldn’t choose Ancient Rome or Greece, the ones that his dad knows about. He had to go with Mesopotamia…. Ah well, I’m sure I’ve got a few years to read up on them properly….

In the meantime I can but bask in the glory of this child. Banking fond and funny memories of him to relay to him when he’s older and will probably not want to ask me so many questions.

Has anyone in your family transitioned into school this year? How are they travelling? And how are you travelling?

*Yes he did ask this over breakfast. I said he could, he was happy enough with that answer.