Hi guys, I’m doing a blog swap with UK mum/lifestyle blogger Katrina from Cool Bananas. Something of mine will be posted up on her site really soon, so go have a read! In the meantime: ENJOY!
The Dadinator


G’day, my Southern Hemisphere Blogging bunch! Katrina here, however, I respond to many names: Mrs. Cool. Bananas, Katrina Cool Bananas, but most unequivocally never, ever Kat. & I’m perfectly happy to be referred to as the ‘pomme’: As I’m your northern hemisphere counterpart in the parent/ lifestyle blogging world.

G'day pic

Seamus, AKA, the self confessed ‘geek of many varieties’ (whom I feel slightly inferior to due to the nature of his history/ techy greatness) & I have been paired together to take part in ‘International Blog Swap Day’. ‘Strewth, what’s that?’ I hear you ponder? Well, IBSD2014 is an opportunity for those of us involved within the blogging community to showcase our lifestyle & blog to another part of the world. So Saddle up Partners & let’s go for a ride!

My little part of the web, I like to call home & where I attempt to capture my musings throughout life is: Cool Bananas. I’m a newbie to blogging, but so far my journey of creativity has been a full on fun ride!

I Currently reside in South East London: This is the place I was born, & returned to as a teenager, but I’d feel like a fraud if I called it ‘home’. Truth be told, I’m still trying to find that place. The gap in-between entering this world & my teenage/ adult years, I spent basking in glorious sunshine & an outdoors lifestyle deep in the heart of South East Asia. This part of my life is one I desperately miss, & it’d therefore come as no shock to you that as a family it’s been our dream to make the big move ‘down under’ to your backyard & sun filled playground. In the mean time, whilst we drudge our way through the masses of visa paperwork, my time is occupied with my little dude ‘bear’, & the hub (he’s not too shabby either) exploring the world near & far: Whilst applying the Cool Bananas philosophy to life: It’s awesome, excellent in fact, so lets just give it a good crack.

This is us

The daily grind being a pomme in London, wouldn’t be complete without a large sprinkling of rain, not like those spectacular torrential downpours you guys experience: but rather a limp, pathetic drizzle that likes to linger for far too long (like one of the hubs hum-dinger farts!) When we’re blessed with some reasonable weather, you’ll find us exploring the great outdoors.

Outdoors UK

When our patience has had just as much as it’ll tolerate of the gloomy UK, you’ll find us Globetrotting, as far a field as the purse strings will allow.

World travels

I’m a bit of a health & fitness nut: Partly because I have to be (Coeliac disease & a fructose malabsorption dictate this) but also simply because I enjoy eating well & love sports. You’ll find me whipping up copious amounts of fresh juice on a daily basis (kale, spinach, cucumber – the incredibly healthy type). & It’d be fair to say that I consume enough green tea for an entire nation.

Green Tea & Juice

I’m trying my best to use my health ‘booboos’ to my advantage & instead of dwelling on them, apply a positive spin by sharing any tips & tricks I pick up along the way.

I love a bit of style:

Style collage

I don’t like to use the term fashion ‘Fashion fades but only style remains the same’ –as Coco Chanel said. Too often folk who admit their love for fashion or style can be tarnished as materialistic. I believe in making the most ethical purchases feasible, & view each item as an investment. There is a staggering amount of ‘fast/ cheap fashion’ around, with total lack of consideration to quality, longevity & it’s ‘sweatshop’ manufacturing. Hey, I’m on a mummy budget (rubbing my pennies together) so I’m certainly no ‘big spender’!!

Most importantly, I strive to maintain a chipper outlook on life. I never take myself too seriously: & I’m more than happy to act like complete & utter plonker (from time to time) in order to make others laugh.

Anything for a laugh

Do make sure you pop on by & visit this here ‘Sheila’ (another nickname I’d be happy to answer to!) & drop me a Hello, I’d love to hear from you & discover more of my Ozzy blogging Comrades!

A huge *virtual* high-five goes to the ‘Dadinator’ Seamus for hosting me here  & good luck in your mission ‘dadinating the countryside’. Needless to say, if Cool Bananas HQ manages the transition across the ocean we’ll be over to you in our Ute to admire the veggie patch & fruit orchard!

P.S. I’ve been short listed for a blogging award in the UK, Click the link below to find out more & if you fancy casting a vote.