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The Trials and Tribulations of Living the Dream

Carers Leave

Sometimes you have odd conversations….

“You know, if you died I’d be right to look after the kids, right?”
“Oh, yeah, I know.”
“Good.” Continue reading


You occasionally get swept up in a desire to do something special for your children. And sometimes the opportunity to do just  that comes out of nowhere.

Some good friends of ours – fellow parents – came to The Mamanator a few weeks out from the school holidays with a crazy idea. An idea so crazy it just might work. A week in the snow at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alpine region. We had sampled snow as a family once before, atop “Lolgambook” (Mt Franklin), a short drive from where we live, but Dinner Plain would be something else…. It would be 4 adults and 4 children under 5, a 6 hour drive and 4 nights away from home. Not the same as a 15 minute drive….

We were well prepared. Between op-shops, relatives who had ski gear and some improvising we got together passable snow gear – at very little cost (no point buying new gear for small children as far as we can see). We also pre-cooked all our food before heading up – the logic was that it meant we didn’t have to cook on holiday. It meant we took a few bags down….

Packed for the Snow Continue reading

Up and down….

The past few days have been tough. I’ve been trying to write about our trip to the snow last week and how much fun it was, but it’s not flowing. I figure if I get down some of my thoughts about what transpired on our return I might have more luck writing a lovely, picture full holiday journal type entry later on. Continue reading

The end – Death.

“Dad, did your friend die?”
“He wasn’t exactly¬†my friend, but he was my student for a while”
“Oh, and did he die?”
“Why did he die?”
“He was sick, and he didn’t get better” Continue reading

Why my son needs feminism.

Yes you read that right, it’s a post about feminism and it’s about my son. It’s not about how he treats women or how he regards them. It’s not about consent, sex and¬†power (I have covered it a bit before). It’s not about wages and it’s not about privilege (Although it kind of is….).

It’s about rigid masculine roles. It’s about social expectations we place on men to be manly and on women to be womanly – and what those words mean. It is a post about him and the pressures he will face as he grows into a man, and as he lives as one in the world.

What if he’s not manly? What if he’s a “girl”? He might throw like a girl, cry like a girl, run like a girl or hit like a girl. He might care about how he looks, that’s pretty girly, right? What if he’s a feminist (gasp!). Continue reading

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